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Katy Jordan

My sis and bro-in-law have three cats and switched to the Omega roller box about a year ago. They love it. I come to look in on the cats when they're away, and it was pretty easy to clean and not nearly as gross as scooping or even emptying the automatic litter trays. (We had one years ago when we had two cats and it was great.) That Omega is HUGE, though. They put theirs in an unused basement bathroom, but there's not a place in my house it would fit except the garage. Our garage isn't climate controlled, so I wouldn't want cats to have to be out in the cold or heat in that space. I'm seriously considering the Cat Genie when we get cats again. I was glad to read that someone here had seen it in action. It sounds like a great solution and would go in the laundry room with a cat door to the room. I love that it's self-cleaning and everything just drains or flushes!

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I know this is a long time after your comment, katy, but I wanted to offer my experience with the catgenie in case you or anyone else would benefit. The very first one I ordered was WONDERFUL. never had a problem with it until my boyfriend was stupid n tried to carry it by the top, instead of with his hands underneath it like he should have (yes, am still bitter about this loss). I ordered a new one. They had "upgraded" the design. It didn't work right. Ordered another one. Also didn't work right. As i had read and understood all the instructions, I doubt it was user error. I don't know if this will help anyone, but I hope so.

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paisleyrowan38, your experience with the redesigned Catgenie reminds me of the redesigned Littermaid. Apparently, the original ones were better. I had one of the redesigned ones. A good bit of the litter scooped not into the bin at the end of the box, but onto the floor. Gross! I also broke before I'd had it for a year. I replaced the Littermaid with a Scoopfree which was so much better. My two Scoopfrees are currently retired as our cats have gone to the Bridge. I don't intend to stay cat-less for the rest of my life though. The Scoopfkree boxes will be back in service one of these days.

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