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Mindshift, I live in northwest Iowa in a 54 yr old home with 3 foot overhangs; all roof lines of our house have gutters. We do not get ice dams, and we have a very low cooling bill in the summer due to the shading of the overhangs. In additional, our windows are casement (crank out type) windows, and it's a pleasure to have them open during rainstorms - those overhangs really do protect the house from rain/water entry, unless it's virtually a horizontal, driving rain! Based on our experience, I would recommend overhangs in temperate climates as well as tropical ones.
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STB Remodeling Group

Gutter overflow will do serious damage to the fascia board. The fascia board will be rotten and gutters will pull away from it which will cause more overflow. Thus, gutter cleaning is a must if gutter covers/screen are not installed. Gutter covers/screens help to reduce the amount of debris to get into the gutter system. There are various types of gutter covers/screens available these days. Some better than others. Research is needed to find the one that is right for your house. The factors that should be considered are the slope of the roof, number and type of trees around the house, and others. Most gutter companies provide free consultation regarding the different types of gutter covers/screens.

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During winter one of the most frequent incidents that you can come across is burst water pipelines. Due to fall in temperature the water in the pipeline gets frozen and starts exerting pressure. This ultimately leads to burst and can result into floods in home. For such instances you must take assistance from professionals that can treat frozen pipe water cleanup in Queens New York. They will definitely help you out in the right direction.

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