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I am able to enjoy anitques on the cheap. I like to do woodworking and refinishing. I have had pieces given to me because they needed repair. I will make repairs and reproduction parts to the best of my moderate ability and then use and enjoy those pieces. Are my salvaged antiques valuable? Some are worth a few hundred and some are next to worthless except that I like and use them.
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Damien Ward

Also do be aware that if you're buying Japanese antique boxes or chests the question of dovetails goes out the window all together, as even the very highest classes of them never contained drawers joined together with dovetails as is found in European and American antiques.

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Michael Gainey Signature Designs

Great advice.....just because it's vintage doesn't make it an antique. Really appreciated the tips on veneer.....Depression Era Furniture from the 30's with broken veneers need a second look as the work involved to restore them is usually not worth take some alarm to charm !


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