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For those of us who live in deer country - it would be great to know if any of these are resistent. Maybe the beauty and smell over rides that, just wondering. Would enjoy your thoughts.
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I've been reading the book "Gaia's Garden, A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture" by Toby Hemenway. It's available electronically through Google Play Books and Kindle for around $10 and in print from Amazon (can I say that on here?). I've found it a good supplement to what I'm learning on this website about native and adaptive gardening. Didn't even know what permaculture meant although I've seen the word a lot. This book addresses the deer problem and many others. I won't be able to use a lot of the ideas in the book due to limited space, but I particularly like the ideas about living mulch, conserving water, and how certain plants work together and compliment each other---and what not to plant together.

What surprised me most was, that besides the obvious that lawns use lots of water, fertilizer and often pesticides, how much of that fertilizer and pesticides runs off into our streams and rivers and destroys ecosystems, and how badly the lawn monoculture degrades the soil, while making our yards unfriendly to wildlife.

I'm looking for reliable places to buy some of these plants. The Hesston (Kansas) Arboretum sells some, but they are limited. I'm not sure about some of the wild flower seed mixes, as they mostly seem to be plants I already have. I'm hesitant to buy dry root plants from mail order nurseries as I've not had good luck with them.

I'd also like more information on evergreen plants/trees/bushes in the heartland. Another article on that, Benjamin? We seem to have few natives and I want green to carry me through the depressing gray of usually dry Kansas winters.
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Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens
Lawn fertilizer also produces tons of greenhouse gas when being made, and even when sitting on the lawn it breaks down into greenhouse gasses. Lawns, as we commonly maintain them, are just awful. Gwen, do you follow the KS Native Plant Society on Facebook? They are very active there. I have no idea what else is in KS, but for reliable mail order of prairie plants I like Prairie Moon Nursery and Prairie Nursery. I can't off the top of my head think of evergreen plants for the Plains, but I do think our grasses and forbs provide stunning winter interest.
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