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Why has the socialist "womb to the tomber" political climate made me have to apologize for my definite, overall LIKE of incandescent lighting in MY home? "Come back to us America, somehow," I say.
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I Do Too! Can't stand them. We will be sorry for ever having those JOKES that wreak hazards, don't last as touted and simply yet another reason to pay more for less. I'm looking at an LED 3 way bulb for a lamp I've enjoyed for years. It's $25. Great!!! But will save me $700 over the lifetime of bulb: about 20 years. . Math is not my strong suit but that's $30 a year. At that price, it will take me 25 years to convert them! The pricing is STILL out of reach after 3 years on market or so? The ones I have replaced do not dimm but about 50% of max. Obviously, there are still kinks in it but prices do not reflect that. We get to pay exorbitantly for the trial period.
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The light switches and outlets we obtained for our remodel was Legrand Adorne type. They are great. Check them out, very modern looking. There is a range of options, high end wireless dimmers that are pricey but they look fabulous. They have dimmers and timers too.
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