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Carolyn S.

Agree with JL. What I could really use is info about how to pack the most stuff into a closet and still be able to see and access things in a hurry.

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These are very pretty photos - but what would be far more useful is showing actual, real-life small closets that have been optimally organized. I know the article is just making idea suggestions that you can hack for your own space but, and this is radical, why not just actually show those real, tiny spaces that us ordinary folk deal with.

Yes, I do think we have a tendency to over consume, no I don’t think it’s any of my business how other people choose to spend their money. I seem to survive with one pair of boots and one pair of sandals, it wouldn’t suit the next person. Instead of always coveting bigger storage spaces I do believe we should first look at reducing the amount of stuff we squirrel away - but I’m someone who has moved house many, many times and lugging unused, unneeded stuff around does tend to bring out a minimalist streak very quickly.

But, if the title of your articles suggests “Cure for Houzz Envy” then don’t proceed to fill it with interior design porn pictures, actually find well-designed, well-organized small closets and show those.

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You miss the point of these 'Cure for . . .' articles. The whole idea is to look at the gorgeous over-the-top photos that are unrealistic for the majority of us, and rather than being 'envious' or thinking 'I can never have that', instead think 'what is one thing that I can take from this and apply to my own situation. Its about breaking down the picture and working out what it is about it that is appealing so that you are not just being overwhelmed by how much money may (or may not have) been spent. I own less than 10 pairs of shoes, but I can still look at a picture of a closet with 100 pairs of shoes and work out a better way to store my 10 pairs. If you want to see smaller closets do a search for just that.

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