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Debbie Sheegog

Thanks for this. I began a list on my own some time ago while waiting for the sell of another home in order to have a budget for the house we already own. It helped me as I love daydreaming about it! I began the collections of plans and thoughts a few years ago before we knew for sure that we would be actually doing this permanent move. It's been great work saving information/websites/resources/articles/photographs and notes about new ideas I find/read and see, while also thinking it all through based on experiences with former home improvements we have done, what we have loved most and learned from the homes we have owned over the years, and what would be more important and worth the investment in the long run of our own lifetstyle. An example, for instance, is the ultimate goal is finding plans that work in order to create more space and light within the current home's "footprint", as well as incorporating lasting classic improvements to benefit our adult-children's own lifestyles, or in the case that it was on the market one day in the future. I thad hought it would help if we each listed what we wanted even in general and/or in detail, to help guide us once we were closer to the planning stages for real! I am sure my husband has been considering the same thing. I casually started by listing my own reasons/goals for the outcome, what my own priorities would be in order, with some details and alternatives, knowing that we could possibly end up combining some of this. Hopefully our lists will work together and if need be, can coordinate it before we discuss it with our contractor/designer. Good advice! I know that we need the part about the 20% or more to keep aside, too!

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I am doing a bathroom renovation and want o put a thick non-see through glass wall in the back of the shower to let light in. How do I find this product?
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Carin Barbanel

Our GC found it, we use glass like that on the door surrounds of our kids' bedrooms that face the interior 'common area' which is found in many NYC apartments. Let's in interior light. Best bet? Call anyplace that does frameless glass for bathrooms. They tend to have everything.

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