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Oops! I mean 1000 sq ft! Haha!
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Marge Burtch
What is the brand and name of that very soft green in the first picture??? I love it.
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It might be possible for me (and my two cats) to live in a small house, which I peg at 500-1000 square feet. Tiny is anything less than 500, and for me, I don't think it would work all that well. I have joked that yes, I could do it, if I link together two or three - or more - tiny buildings. First, I know myself. Second, I know how I like to spend my time. Third, I like my collections! And lastly, I will never again, if I have any say in the matter, live without the ability to do my laundry at home. And I'm not talking about a communal laundry area where you have to keep an eye on your belongings so they don't walk away. Plus, with two cats, there is the issue of litter boxes - plural. I have downsized more than I cared to, and resent what I have had to give up. The fact that I am no longer young and agile is also a limitation that must be faced. I do, however believe that smaller is doable for many people who poo-poo the idea without even thinking about whether it would work for them. What makes a smaller home livable is forethought, planning, creative solutions (especially regarding storage), and space for individual privacy, for those who share space with another human (cats don't care, and the dog thinks he's a lap dog despite weighing 80 pounds). I have thought, for years now, that many homes waste what space they contain. How many homes are there that designate a living room, family room, den, dining room, dining nook, and breakfast bar, with a bedroom complete with walk-in closet and bathroom for every family member? I'm not saying a family of, say, five or six should all stand in line to use a single bathroom (I hated that!), but for a couple who either have no children or whose children are grown and gone, one full bath and a powder room is enough. Again, the cats don't care and the dog is still trying to climb into your lap. For me, the close-the-door-I'm-still-mad option is paramount. It goes right along with different tastes in TV viewing, storage and space for hobbies, sound proofing (sometime I will tell the story about The Long and Winding Road, but not today!), and SNORING! So I repeat, I could live small, with a good design, but the time for tiny has gone with my youth and agility. I am, however, fascinated to see - and make note of - some of the ingenious solutions tiny living people have concocted to make their spaces work for them. I also note that there seem to be many categories of tiny home owners - singles who build their own on the cheap, families who downsize for financial reasons, and older people who choose - or need - to be closer to family, or who choose a more nomadic adventure, to name a few. I have looked at motor homes and blanched at the prices. Some of them have optional laundry, at the expense of storage, whether closet/clothes storage or kitchen/pantry storage. At this point in my life, I am not willing to give up my joy of cooking, and I also enjoy having clothing options, from jeans, boots and tees to wool trousers, boots and silk shirts. So I keep looking at tiny house plans, taking what I like for future reference, and offering those who choose that option a great deal of respect.
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