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Zenkit, very good tips, our cat uses her scratching post just about exclusively, we used the water bottle, just on mist rather than jet for the bench and table, she never jumps on kitchen bench ..I thought all scratching posts were sisal ropes, I have not seen a carpeted one, whenever our cat scratched anything else we would just put her straight to her post and scratch ourselves and lots of patting when she when we get home she runs to her posts and scratches loudly so we will pat her and cuddle her. We have had no cat damage since she was a little kitten while in training..such a good pussy cat
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Omg, after reading these we have a perfect dog, doesn't chew, bark, poop or pee. The few times she's thrown up she goes to the bathroom .

The chewer is the rabbit, they love love love electrical cords so hubby puts wire loom over cords. Buying it at auto parts or hardware stores is the cheapest option.

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Great article for Furrrr parents!

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