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I had a terrible plague of Iris borers, it seemed I was losing the battle until an older friend told this trick. It is messy and time consuming but it worked. I dug all the iris, put them in a pile and then found an old wash tub. My friend told me to fill the tub about half full, maybe 10 gallons of water. Then I added a half a cup of bleach. I mixed it around, then put the iris in the tub. The next day I took each plant, cut off the rotten places and dug out the borers. After cutting back the foliage to a consistent height, I replanted them in a different location. I haven't had Iris borers since. I'm not sure if moving the plants caused the improvement or the cleaning and bleach rinse did the trick. It worked for me. I am so happy with the results! I realize using bleach is not a natural cure but I feel like it was better than spraying or just digging them up and throwing them in a ditch.
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Learning to leave things alone is a valuable lesson for a gardener--and tough for those of us who are less than patient.
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What a beautiful article. One f the joys in life is letting go. only by letting go one truly lives, instead of trying to live,

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