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Laurie Smith

We purchased a very small 1870 farm house. There were 2 layers of linoleum on top in the kitchen. They were stripped off, but there is a considerable amount of tar paper that won't come up. The rest of the house also has wood, but it has been painted so many times and is not exactly level.

Is it still possible to have them refinished? You can't buy wood like that anymore.

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Patrick Besong

i think you need one of those scrapers with the pole handle to get most of the tar paper up. Then if there's any left, you probably need a solvent or something. this link might help. after that you can rent a floor sander and take it down to bare wood to refinish. good luck!

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Andy c

For best results in sanding your timber floors, start the job with the right sander. For help and advice with this check out


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