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Beverly Browne

I like Jill's comments. At age 82, 5"1" and still shrinking, I much prefer a 36' high counter top, and a comfort height toilet. What I would like is a heated tile floor and a soaking tub that I can get into and out of by myself! My previous home had a "garden tub" with a low side. It was too low for me to grab onto the side for getting out. I think a soaking tub with high sides would be great.

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Beverly Browne

Like Jill Krol, I too, am long legged with a short torso.

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Julie Grosskopf

We bought our house in 1982. The main floor bath is 10 x 10, and back then it had a tub shower combo. Kids were all under 7 at the time so usage wasn't an issue. At pre-teen and teen ages usage did become an issue. In 1994 I had it remodeled to avoid the banging on doors, standing in line issue with the kids. Installed a jet tub, separated the shower and toilet areas with walls for privacy to each. Contractor was doubtful about the floor plan, as it wasn't something popular back then. But it worked for many years!

From what I'm seeing here on Houzz, that separation concept is growing in popularity.

And just as it's becoming more popular to make the toilet area private, I've just recently had the walls removed to open the space back up. The reason: wheel chair accessibility.

It's not something we think about when we're young but it can happen at anytime, to anyone, at any age. It's happened to us.

If you're redoing a bathroom, no threshold showers should be a must, but it's wise to include space around the toilet for easy transfer from a wheelchair. Our tub area would be a better space for larger shower but we're keeping it because it's great for soaking and we feel it adds to the selling point when that time comes.

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