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Jane Mong
Enjoyed the "vintage bathing suits" as art. I am in the process of collecting photos of "vintage bathing beauties" for a collage in my bathroom, I have several black and white photos that I will be framing and using on the walls and shelves. Anyone have any ideas?
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Jennie Pry
Loved the article and pics. Have always been a big fan of Pam from Glamoursurf and extraordinary insights to vintage swimwear. As an artist who also shares a fettish for vintage bathers I decided to turn them into artworks through my 'Bathing Belles' and Bathing Beaux' series. See for some examples. I've have loved collecting the swimsuits from a wide variety of sources, but I especially love when I get to meet & interview the person who wore it (or at least someone who knew the swimsuit owner). They form wonderful narratives to base my artwork on and have been a rich source of history and insights to the wonderful world of women's bathers! They also look wonderful on the limewashed walls of beach houses.
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What a fun idea!

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