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James Holley, Design Solutions
Have used this "I don't know, but I will find out." often, better to get the right answer than guess.
Good points as to "connecting with a client"
You are right about the communication. Often, especially when in the middle of a project, you can't always "just stop" at any given moment, at least I find it difficult at times. If so, often it takes more time to remember where you were. Thankfully I've developed a pretty good method of where and when to stop, but at that time, you can then listen to a voice message, and decide, is now the "right time" to re-connect. As you said, often, it can be bundled into other things that you may need answered as well, thus not taking to much time with "the needy ones", but then, how often do you really have a client that isn't a little "needy". For this reason, I have made it a practice to never work for "family and friends". I will gladly help them, but growing up in family business, I was able to learn at an early age, how to distinguish the difference. Sorry to say, most others haven't had this luxury.
Thanks for sharing, always willing to listen and learn.
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JHDS. Amen to your comments. I didn't go to my in-laws with my spouse recently because they were in the middle of a project "managed" by my sister-in-law (drove my wife crazy as she is used to my methods). I like to relax - that would not have been possible. Super decisive clients can be as bad as the needy ones - if it means the decision is a result of not listening to what you are saying and then they will not change their mind "on principle" because it had been made up. I've done some good projects with my father - he was busy to the point he only had enough time to review comment and get back to work. And then there are the clients that actually understand you know what you're doing even if they don't totally understand it - they get presents at Christmas time and sometimes preferred rates. That type behavior cannot be encouraged enough. Time to go do billing - ugh. Good to know you're out there.
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that was such an inspiring pushing forward article, i really thank you because it came on time as well, because i'm kinda struggling with my working place (on the couch and the dining table) meanwhile i'm working on my first big project and i just can't wait to get it done to be able to post the shots i will take,
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