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Pamela Bateman Garden Design
adtwalder~ I think there is a limited time frame for editing your post. I am proud and lucky to say I live in Northern California.
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Sylvia Berger
Family, laughing, and houzz!
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Nancy Nygaard

What makes you happy about your home, you asked. Here are some of the things that make me happy.

We designed and built it with what we needed, rather than what some builder thought we should have. We created an open floor plan for the living room, dining room, and kitchen to encourage gathering when family and friends come to visit. Who ever is in the kitchen working doesn't feel left out from the rest of the group, and those in other areas can still visit with those working. When we gather, we're a family of nine.

My favorite piece of furniture is the ten foot Amish made table in the kitchen that can seat fifteen comfortably. We have found that our family and friends most enjoy congregating in the kitchen. We enjoy gathering for food and fun with family and friends! It makes us happy.

I am happy to have the projects completed - the lower level (its a ranch style with lower level walk out) fully finished adding 1500 feet of living space, a second kitchen/multi crafting area in the lower level, the outdoor living space with two patios, fire pit, waterfall and gazeebo. This has been a ten year process.

Finally, our location brings me great happiness as a nature enthusiasts. Our development is located off the Great River Road in Wisconsin. It sits on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. There are 300 acres of groomed walking trails that lead down to a trout stream, that meanders into the Mississippi, where there is a private beach. Our lot is six acres but feels larger because the lots next to ours remain vacant - one is five acres and the other is three (minimum requirement in covenants). This is a pristine area with abundant wildlife, including my favorite - Bald Eagles. As mentioned by others, it is peaceful, filled with the sights and sounds of birds. It is also a great place for viewing space phenomenon because we have no light pollution. Sunsets are spectacular!


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