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@Nicole Baker,

You mustn't live near or know anyone in the country, as bulk buying is the only way we can live when our nearest safway for example, is many kms away which for me personally is over 26km one way.

I have to buy everything in multiples including, bread & meat that | freeze and I couldn't forget to make sure the fuel tank is full for the next long trip, as it is out of the question to be travelling those distances every day.

When I visit family in surburbia occasionally, I'm in awe of how easy it can be to get fuel for example, go out for a meal or simply pop into safeway just down the road etc...but I wouldn't give up my country life in lieu of what I need to do, so if you were to look at my pantry, it will look pretty full too!!

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Nicole Baker

26km? That's less distance than it takes me to drive to work one way. I think there might some sort of typo happening here.

I grew up in the country, so I do understand what you are saying.

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I understand you may travel just as far to go to work, many people do but you can probably shop on your way home, wher as for me, there are no shops for that distance of travel, so it is just simply easier and saves money to shop no less than weekly and no other way. I feel for you having to travel this distance just to be able to work, must be so draining on you??

My granddaughter works in town but is not 18 yet so her mother drives her in every morning and goes back to pick her up at night, so she is doing about 120km a day and then works a full 8 hrs in a physical job in between, so I understand the travelling but we really were only talking about why the pantries in this thread seemed so full and I gues I gave you my reason for it.

Take care.



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