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Charley Bell

If you do an inexpensive redo, it will look just like that & you have wasted your $$. Just ask 5K less.

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Speaking of decluttering . . . We've lived in our home for 34 years and raised 4 kids, so we had a lot of stuff. In the process of painting our three-story house from top to bottom, with one exception we had to empty every room. We used the opportunity to not only pare down furniture but the contents of every drawer and closets. The only items that went back into each room after painting was completed were the items for staging. The rest was either packed, sold or given away. Our stager recommended that the clothes in our master closet be hung very sparsely (and drawer contents be limited) when the house is being shown. With the closets and dressers in four other bedrooms now empty, we have plenty of room to hang/store the clothes we'll need while the house is up for sale.

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Team Buxton, Keller Williams Realty

Here's something you may not have thought of...when cleaning to show, please make sure all ceiling fan blades are clean and especially clean the air return grill. That's the first place we REALTORS look to see how you really maintain the home. If the air return is nasty dirty, we assume you don't maintain the major systems of the house very well either. Clean baseboards and trim and for goodness sake, keep bathrooms sparkling. You're usually competing against new construction's model homes, so look through those lenses at your own home. Buyers and agents truly appreciate a clean home to show! Use same colored baskets to contain clutter, use same colored skinny felt hangers to stage closets and color block your clothes so that the closets photograph well. For last minute cleanups, use baskets or bins that can slide under beds or be put into closets of things you leave out most of the time. It's usually the small things that can make a difference. Update your accessories, they are less expensive and can update the style to resemble those model homes you're competing with.

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