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Cath - do what works. I couldn't find a pic of our guest bath but what you describe was an issue to me as well - some time ago there was trend that had a glass disk at the top of a bent pipe and the water control was in the center of the disk - this stopped the water on the counter phenom - but it is not conducive to getting a quick drink from it - the trend seems to have died.

gabrielle - for a convenience powder room with no other option sure - a small spit/hand sink and small toilet plus have the door open out most likely. Not ideal but beats running up the stairs every time.

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Joyce Berman

My small master bath is getting a barn door that slides on the outside r/t the swinging door that's there now. I'm planning to replace the bathtub with a shower so that I can also put a small floor-to-ceiling storage cabinet on the same wall. Also saw a large medicine cabinet that extends over the sink and the toilet that are next to each other on the same wall.

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Lena Fiore', Inc. dba Toilet Tattoos

Some many forgotten and plain white toilets :(. Reminder... toilets are a functional piece of furniture in all bathrooms. So why not help it blend with the surround rather than stick out like a white sore thumb? Embrace your toilet... don't ignore it:)

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