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Betty Dworschak Great info and a cool migration map.
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Anne Pratt
Benjamin, you are my primary inspiration for moving my gardening into natives and planting all the (native) milkweed I can! Now YardMap has me worrying about the birds. They are next on my list, as is diminishing the lawn bit by bit. Saw a yellow swallowtail on my phlox and catmint yesterday. Western Massachusetts. Hard to see in this picture are new milkweed just planted (butterfly weed), common milkweed potted up to offer to friends, and (you can just barely see) 500 sq. ft. of unmowed grasses and wildflowers (and poison ivy) behind the garden.
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Thanks for the great article, but please add The Great Sunflower Project to your list of citizen science projects. They now have a couple of different programs; one is to track pollinator activity compared to pesticide use, another program helps collect data on pollinator plants.
I too find that watching the bees, birds and many other insects cruising around in my garden is great fun! A few years ago we removed most of our lawn, added a mixture of perennial flowers for beneficial insects, annual wildflowers, seasonal vegetables, plus a most crucial element - a garden bench. Now we enjoy our garden so much more - we sit back and observe all the activity, from bees to butterflies, birds, and more.
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