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Holly Denman

A friend did one of these in his house for the bathroom door then built one in my house for free. I had no idea it was so valuable!

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keep this in mind, especially when hiding bedrooms, playrooms or hiding spots; should you ever have a house fire, firefighters are NOT going to be looking for secret doors, especially with zero visibility. Having a hidden door needs to be strongly balanced against someone, especially a child, being hidden from firefighters searching a house for victims. I know, sucks the fun right out of the idea but you should consider the safety issue

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Andy Gibbs Design

Actually, one can provide the local fire department with key information associated withh your address - for instance: a painter with a large volume of solvernts stored in the garage, or an avid marksman and reloader with a large stash of amunition or black powder stored in lockers. That goes as well for any unique apsects of a structure, including hidden storage areas. With regards to letting kids "play" or even have access to security vaults, that's a perental issue.

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