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Robin Winter
Hi Barbara, it was a bit of a shock,the door faces north and is protected by the veranda most of the time. However, only a week after painting the door in late May 2018 we had a day when the temp reached 24 deg, by mid afternoon you can’t put your hand on the door it was so hot. The door was of timber construction with a glass panel at the top. Upon further research with Hume Doors they recommend light reflective colours for external doors to reduce the possibility of bow, twist or warp. Dark colours may void guarantee. Semi gloss finishes are recommended. Paint with a Light Reflective Value (LFV) finish greater than 50 should be used on External Doors.
WHITE approx 95
BLACK approx 5
And use the same colour on all sides. Different colours may cause doors to warp.
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Dean Quinlivan
Fred I hope you still receive comments on this excellent article. A question of you if I may. I would love to paints “some” doors black even though my other half thinks they are funerary. The walls will be painted one colour Dulux Natural White and the carpet in all rooms except kitchen area is dark as per attached photo. In the kitchen area will be dark timber. The doors I was hoping to paint black are: garage to formal room, double door entrance to kitchen and front door. Would two black doors either end of the hallway look ok? What other doors could I paint? Appreciate your thoughts and thank you for the inspiration.
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Some I liked very much, especially pic 8, others not so much. We have plain panel doors in our little reno house (2 and a half bed) plus bathroom door. I liked the idea of black because at the moment it is an all white house. Having run the idea past the other half, I have decided to varnish them. Even though I am design and he is execution there has to be a little give and take (ha ha).


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