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I attended an invasive plant workshop some years ago and was surprised to learn that many consider this tree to be an invasive in the Piedmont. They are indeed native to the Southeastern U.S., but to the Coastal Plain specifically, which has a different ecology than elsewhere. The Piedmont does not have any indigenous broad-leafed, evergreen canopy trees; and their presence (especially in winter) alters the local ecology. I would still rather see this species planted than any of our imported exotics, but as they will inevitably escape cultivation this might be something to consider when selecting a specimen tree.
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When first moving to magnolia territory I kept thinking that people left their Christmas bows on their trees! The flowers are big and amazing and even the seed cones are beautiful. The underside of the shiny green leaves was once described as cinnamon color, yes!
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Bonnie Ferguson
My engagement ring was perched inside the center of this Magnolia blossom with the accompanying note asking me to spend our years together.
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