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My rotten contractor hadtheheat blasting and the gas fire place 24/7. I was on strict bed rest pregnant with my twins at my sis's across town. Idiot husband never checked after work. He lived at his moms. A 9 mos time frame turned into 14. The bills were horrific when we finally received them (they were lost). I wish we had this six years ago. Good article
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Jeannie Nguyen
Hi everyone! We're having a Live Houzz Chat all about Remodeling Tips today at 11am Pacific! Come stop by and say hi. :)
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Zequek Estrada

Lisa, I really appreciate the insight you shared. My spouse and I want to have our house remodeled. This gave us a better idea of what we need to be prepared for, especially that point about how you don't really know what's going on until the walls are torn out. I imagine we'll be fine as long as we are working with a trusted home contractor. 

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