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Cathy Lara
Hi zombieknit! You can contact Angela Harris directly for more info on the photo mural:
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Karen Herløv Horte
I have a thing for the childrens books about Peddersen and Findus. It a sweddish childrens book about a old man that lives in the country with his talking cat. Granted not superheroes but neither is Harry Potter so I think it applaies. The illustrations in these books are fantastic because of the incredible details of the life that goes on around the two because the farm is also home to the many Bukler. They are small creatures that go about their daily lives (moving, walking the dog or knitting) in the midst of the drama of the book. I've always loved the idea of small creature living in my house so when I saw a picture of a small rehearsal studio on the ceiling I had to have something similar too!
I found a shop that sells items for dolls houses and got myself a door 7 inches tall to glue to the bottom of my front door - a little like a cat door but for imaginary people. It's drying as I write this i can't wait till it's done :D
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And here are some wall decals for geeks, video game style...
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