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Eggleston Farkas Architects
Washington State has changed their regulations, and now allows for rainwater harvesting from rooftops (see We took advantage of this for our Lopez Island Cabin ( + in-progress photos at The cisterns are all located in the basement "plinth" of the cabin.
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Nicole Orner
Colorado also has rules against collection, though I understand those are under review. Here in Arizona we have pretty lenient rain water/ grey water laws... the trick is finding rain water to collect. :)
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Can't emphasize enough how important it is too keep run off out of bays, lakes, streams and canals. Can't fish or swim in our canal due to run off pollution. Our bay is tidal so the water that reaches there is flushed 2c daily into the ocean (just what the ocean needs). A good start is driveways that incorporate native ground covers w/ pavers or gravel w/ stone or permeable concrete retaining borders.
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