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Vanessa Villegas Art Avisory

I certainly appreciate any enthusiasm for art and for finding artworks that speak to your heart. I will say that there is a BIG difference between fine art prints and reproductions printed on a computer printer. Most people hear the word "Print" and they assume it is the later, but fine art prints are made in highly technical and artistic environments. I think its more difficult to execute an etching than a painting. Many fine art prints are very tactile with great skill and mastery of technique. They can be just as interesting as paintings with wonderful depth and dimension.

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Sherry Harradence Artist

Myself, I prefer only Originals as you cannot beat having a beautiful Oils or Acrylic Painting with its luscious sometimes buttery brush strokes, textures, depth and COLOR!! Great investment and it supports your local Artists. Giclee's are printed on the highest quality, archival paper and copied from a jet laser equipped printer. If you cannot afford an Original Painting then giclee is the way to go. Make sure it has an original signature and numbered i.e. 50/500. They can be an investment as well. Art is such an emotional type of purchase and Collectors know this first hand. My artwork is full of vibrant colors that I want my collector to feel his/her happiest in their space and fully express themselves through art and color. Don't be afraid of color it's your therapy and mood enhancer. Healthy and Happy Home!!

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Aafke-Art Fine Art

Beautiful article! I agree with the value of art prints. My my own prints are always done by my own hand and I have small editions, still they are less expensive than an oil painting and a great way to collect handmade art pieces from artists.

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