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I think there is another deciduous holly, Ilex Mucronata, native to the Northeast-- got a couple on sale at a nursery that offers some unusual natives. Its berries are consumed during fall migration rather than held over the winter, and it is a host for the Columbia silkmoth.

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For Western gardeners, I'd also suggest the following:

Prunus (virginiana, amaericana), Sorbus scopulina, Ephedra torreyana, Ribes odoratum, Mahonia (repens, fremontii, haematocarpa), Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

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Janet Hicks

Don't forget the multiple varieties of native blueberries: the lowbush blueberry -Vaccinium angustifolium; the rabbit eye blueberry -V. ashe; the Northern highbush blueberry -V. corymbosum;- and the Southern highbush blueberry,-V. darrowii. If given the correct ph soil (usually acid,) blueberries thrive in sun or partial shade. Besides offering tasty berries (the birds may share a few with you,) blueberries are lovely plants in the landscape.

Native junipers also attract birds for cover and food. Native hibiscus are magnets to both butterflies and hummingbirds. Some hibiscus are shrubs, others are small trees.

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