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Above The Grade Landscape

We couldn’t agree more. Our region is filled with landscapers who don’t have the desire or training in this area. We strive to provide not only our horticulture knowledge but our design experience with all of our installs. Thank you for your comment.

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We just finished building our home and are definitely out of money, but before we dig one hole outside we are hiring a landscape architect. At least we will have a proper plan of action once we build up our cash reserves. And this is coming from someone who once tried to solve water problems with pool guys, landscape designers, and a digging contractor to no avail. I won’t make that mistake again, talk about money down the drain!
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J. Montgomery Designs

Thanks for this great article, Falon. Your ability to convey what we Architects are thinking and doing is a rare gift! We love your design at Houston Heights.

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