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My bedroom is pitch dark at night, and the first thing I do when I wake in the morning is open every blind in every window of my home.....even if I'm going away for the day. In the evening when I'm still awake but it's dark out, I have lamps in every room -- 5 of them just in my living room. I am extremely sensitive to light and need it during my waking hours. I hate to waste energy in the evenings, but my physical and mental well-being literally depends on mood drops something awful if I have to sit in a dimly lit room.
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Can I get a reference for the science you quoted? My company is investing in a new building I would really like to help them avoid more windowless offices.
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NW Natural Lighting
The first picture of the little girl in the bathroom is with a Solatube, tubular skylight lighting the space. It offers natural daylight and can be installed in almost any space in your home. Like the article said, NATURAL daylight and the very important vitamin D can make a huge difference in your health and well being! More product details can be found at or our website in the Northwest
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