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Greg Gibson Architect

General Conditions is like the word Dryvit. It is a very specific term tossed around generically (in this case synthetic stucco). General Conditions probably derives from the industry standard AIA family of construction forms. The AIA General Conditions of the Contract For Construction is a multi-page, boilerplate definition of the roles and responsibilities and process that will take place. Not project specific. You can buy the document at any construction books store or local AIA Chapter. The Owner-Builder Agreement is sister to the General Conditions document and attaches it by reference. It customizes the General Conditions doc plus adds the nuance of the individual job. Such as with an enumeration of all the Construction Docs, Time and Money. The stuff that facilitates architecture. Many Design & Construction Companies bend the definition to mean THEIR OWN VERSION of what each of their typical jobs will include/exclude. All subject to change by the Owner if he/she wants to pay for it, and it is within the building code.

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That is part of the construction so the home buyer pays. Something like that could be negotiated 50 / 50.
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@gcanty The GC have it in the bid so I am not going to go back and forth about the dumpster and the potty and have a bad relationship. Wife is like have a good relationship with the GS so that he can build the home with integrity and we don't have issues in the future.

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