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glad I'm not the only one who is sick of subway tiles! they are even all over europe you can't get away from them...!!! I agree...enough is enough...but you know they will never go out of use because too many people love them!
someone suggest I use them in my root cellar to brighten it up...I almost slapped him! I'll just stucco the cemet blocks thank-you! Okay I'm done crabbing about the tiles now!
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My favorite is #7. Clean, classic and yes classic sub tile. East coast classic indures. Can you tell me where to purchase the water jug and holder that is on the counter. Thank you
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Observations/Suggestions RE: Wall Cabinet Quantity Guidelines (requested by "Ingelnook Farm Inc")
[My background: 25+ yrs. specializing in high performance kitchens, baths, work spaces, storage and display]

1) At the least, a kitchen is for storing and preparing food and beverages. Minimizing closed "wall cabinets" (12" d., typical) is contradictory to providing appropriate accessible storage for all the small items in a kitchen! Whether for new construction or remodeling, "smart design" balances placement of walls and windows with a space's function. A "smart kitchen" does not have to sacrifice storage for style. An ''evolved" kitchen is still a kitchen.

2) While it can have its place (ha ha), open shelving contributes to visual clutter and exposes items to dust, greasy dust, floating pet hair, bugs--dead and alive, etc.

3) Base cabinets (24" d.), best utilized for the typically few large things, often become black holes where stuff is stuffed and then forgotten. Yes, pull-out shelves (or even just plastic boxes as mobile holders) do help.

4) 24" d. pantry cabinets and walk-in pantries can accommodate giant bags of pet food, step stools, cases of soda, junk nobody knows what to do with, so on. However, they too tend to become black holes and/or jumbled messes. Also, if one walks into a pantry, then he/she is walking through a column of wasted space. While a house (and its kitchen) might aim to be "up-scale," square-footage may still be at a premium. Other more effective cabinet configurations (combined with easy organizing practices) can better meet users' needs.

5) Determining Adequate Kitchen Wall Cabinet Quantity (custom or spec)
(No set answer!) Here are a few good questions for project programming:
~ How many bedrooms and/or residents in home?
~ Nature of use and users: Kitchen only or Family Headquarters? Restaurant or at-home eatters? Microwavers or gourmet cooks with lots of gizmos? Individual or 2 cooks + dog(s)/cat(s) + kids + friends?
~ 30" tall vs. 42" tall wall cabs? Other types of storage available for plates, glasses, spices/cooking supplies, small food storage containers, paper/plastic goods, etc.?
~ Proximity to other spaces (utility room, butler's pantry, hall closet, mud room, family room, dining room) with storage provisions for bulk items, cleaning tools/supplies, flower vases, light bulbs, ice buckets, ice chests, barbecue tools/supplies, . . .?

6) "In what other room do we find cabinets . . . 5 feet up on the wall?"
Hummm: Utility room, family room, bathroom, office/studio/hobby/work room, hall way, garage; just about any other place where I can hang or stand them!
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