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Heidi Presser
Jillybeanisme, we don't have moose here. We have deer, groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels, wild turkeys, and other birds. We have a problem with poison ivy growing here. I am highly allergic to poison ivy. I once looked on the internet to see what wild turkeys eat. One of the things is poison ivy berries. It said that they are not effected by poison ivy and people that eat the turkeys are not effected by the poison ivy berries that the turkeys ate. My friend couldn't understand how she got poison ivy all over her yard untill I said that wild turkeys and maybe other birds eat the berries and spread the seeds. I am learning by experience what plants the wildlife eat. If I don't want something to get eaten by deer and I know deer like it, I spray it with red pepper spray.
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California recently changed its laws to allow installing a "laundry to lawn" system without requiring a building permit. It involves adding a valve to your washing machine discharge so you can select when to send grey water outside to your lawn (NOT when using chlorine, for example). But the water has to be released below ground to avoid any body contact.
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J.L. Ford
Dogsinthegarden, yes, some soils are alive with life that absorb water and filter out pollutants. In most turf lawns that I see, the constant addition of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides make soils inhospitable for those life forms. Fungi feed off of dead and dying plant material: live and dead trees, leaf litter, twigs, etc.
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