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I had soapstone counters installed last year and then waxed them myself( applied 3coats over 2 months. Right from the beginning I had a ton of spotting from water. I wanted the look of the wax but now see it doesn’t create a good enough seal. I want to remove the wax and apply mineral oil. Does anyone know how to do this? I love the soapstone and don’t mind imperfections over time but the spotting is really detracting from the beauty of the stone.

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Heidi Draffin

I grew up with oak and wrought iron desks, slate blackboards and soapstone labs. Finally I had the opportunity to do a major gut and design. I picked my slabs and had someone else install. At the time I didn't know enough to control the grit of polishing my installer used. The harder the soapstone, the finer the final grits, the more 'shiny' the soapstone, and the less oiling needed. We've had these in place for five months and I've not oiled the counters yet. Water spots disappear with a cotton cloth, no scratches. If you want the more rustic, labor of love, duller finish (I thought I did but I'm happy now), tell your installer to stop at 400 grit so you can maintain it. The higher grits make sanding out scratches difficult for homeowners.

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@Heidi Draffin - omg, your counters are BEAUTIFUL!! I didn't know about sanding and it becoming more shiny. We were on the fence but this pushed us over. Your counters are exactly what we've been looking for. Thank you for posting!!

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