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As a homeowner (and enthusiastic gardener) in a neighborhood with tract homes, we have tried to keep our remodeling appropriate to the surroundings. My own bane in terms of landscaping are the myriad small CA oaks that spring up everywhere in the shrubbery. Easy to handle in a garden bed, dreadful to dig out among large shrubs. They are ubiquitous, and I have cut, dug, and sprayed to no avail. Please keep these trees in state parks and do not plant them in home landscapes! The squirrels and birds distribute the acorns and soon a nice hedge is being overtaken by small CA oak sprouts that are impossible to eliminate.
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Darienne Hetherman

I worship the Coast Live Oak and only wish that more giant old beauties had been preserved in my historic neighborhood in the San Gabriel Mountain foothills. My own bane is the whiny residents who complain of them being "messy", due to the dropping of leaves on their (hopelessly banal) concrete drives and patios. Ugh, humanity. Long Live the Quercus agrifolia! Its rich empire of sweet mycelia and perfectly dappled shade will be our salvation.

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