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Apartment 46 for the Home
I have so many stories I could share about homeowners trying to save money (understandably) and buying products that didn't look/work right and causing huge delays while reorders were done. Many many tales of someone changing up the layout two days before install, being in the home for hours on end every day trying to get the GC, subs, strangers on the street, to cut them a deal, move something for free, add something, etc. Worse is when the homeowners want to hire their own subs, who have no insight into the overall schedule, haven't worked with the teams before, break things, cause issues, and then blame everyone else on the job. GC's and designers can't absorb the liability for things they don't cause, so homeowners should be sure their subs are fully covered and offer warranties. It's caused many delays and huge amounts of stress while everyone blames everyone else for the broken window/water heater/ stair rail, warming lights in the range hood... Unfortunately, the GC is the one that shoulders the blame for "not being on time". Homeowners, understand the schedule and understand that every small thing really isn't a small thing.
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Harmoni Designs, LLC
Very informative and well written tips! Thank you
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Lisa Trouth
My dad used to say a little bit of knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. In other words, you gotta know what you DON"T know.

This fits in very well with inexperienced homeowners acting as their own contractor or suppliers not keeping up with industry changes or a builder not able to provide cutting edge technology.

No matter how much you research, it's good to get a consultation from an expert.
I find it very educational to ask homeowners, homebuilders and contractors this very insightful question:
If you had to do the whole thing all over again, what would you change or do differently?

The answer may save you thousands of dollars or days of delays!

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