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@whalend, I think providing the name of the paint color isn't the 'magic bullet' solution you're thinking it would be. The first reason would simply be that paint colors do not look the same in different spaces. The reason they don't has to do with the differences in light -- the amount of it, and the color of it. The color of the light varies depending on direction, season, and the color of things it's reflecting off of: itself, neighboring walls, floors, furniture, and in the daytime, whatever's just outside the windows. It's a complex cocktail that pretty much guarantees that Color X in your house won't look like Color X in the photo.

And then there's the whole 'photo' aspect of things: viewing a photograph is tough enough because it's not real life, it's just a representation of a single moment in a certain season in certain light. It's also very likely that it's been digitally color corrected.

Add to that the computer screen you're viewing that photo through, another element which 'interprets' color according to how it has been calibrated which means that what you see is probably not what you get!

I completely get it that you see a color in a room on Houzz and love it and want to duplicate it, but the only way you can really accomplish that is to try, via paint chips, to narrow things down to a group of colors which you believe are in the ballpark, then IN the room you're wishing to paint, try to weed most out. Then you need to get samples, paint boards, look at them at various times of day, etc. The only shortcut I can think of is getting good professional help, another aspect not as easy as you might wish :-).

And finally, think of the logistics for Houzz of having the paint colors on file for every single photo they might use in an editorial! From whom? Kept how? And imagine the nightmare if they were to extend that 'responsibility' to include all the furniture, fabric, and fixtures which appear in their photos?!

The bottom line is that Houzz, by necessity, has to remain a source of inspiration more than hard-core recipes to get a certain look. It's a pretty great one, however!

A word of encouragement? I'd argue that finding a color in the ballpark will probably still be pleasing to you, leaving that original inspirational color to fade gently into memory. So perhaps just don't sweat this one too much?

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Exhibit A: Fine & Rare Vintage Decor

I clicked "show paint colors" on several of the bright white photos shown - and none of them used white paint. Most had grey paint. That seems hard to believe. Is there any chance the paint chips are innaccurate? I love the article and photos though. Thanks!

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Sometimes to achieve a look you have to use a different colour. For instance, to achieve light grey walls in my stairwell I had to use 2 shades lighter than the grey used in my office which has a huge window oriented South west because the stairwell has less natural light.

So to achieve white in some rooms and because of the natural light and/or the view outside the windows, you would have to use a white thats not "pure" white or another light colour. I thought they explained that quite well in the article.

Paint is a fascinating medium used properly and paint effects can properly lift up a room. The finer the pigments of the paint the better the results as natural lights will highlight the hues.

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