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LOVE Purple but confine it to the M.bdrm. After all I must respect my husband's taste too. He loves Blue. LOL.

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Growing up in the 70's, my mom loved purple so we had purple shag carpeting and purple sofas. I OD'd on purple and avoided it like the plague. But now 3 decades later, half the stuff in my closet is purple. Maybe color preferences are genetic :-)

My whole house has color: blue, green, red, yellow. I recently did our guest room in a sophisticated blend of off-white, gray and beige. But of course, knowing me, once it was done I couldn't take the blandness. So I added some purple and lavender art and throw pillows. Perfect! Purple and gray look very sophisticated together. Not at all feminine.

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Before there was this magic blue tape, I had my Dad paint our bedroom doors in white & purple stripes! When he'd pull off the tape for one color the other color would peel. He did this numerous times to get it right and never complained. He was a saint. He did it on the balustrades on the stairs as well.

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