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On my holidays this year I saw a whole bunch of barn quilts around Tillamook, Oregon. It was the first time I ever saw quilts on barns.

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Diane Greenholdt

I have been getting notices of people who are seeing and even posting pictures of "barn quilts" based on this article. Each time I've wanted to respond saying "No, you are seeing PAINTINGS of quilts" because a quilt, according to the dictionary is "a bed coverlet of two layers of cloth filled with padding (as down or batting) held in place by ties or stitched designs" or, the word "quilt" used as a verb: "1) : to stitch, sew, or cover with lines or patterns like those used in quilts (2) : to stitch (designs) through layers of cloth." Beautiful as they are - as fun as they are to see on trips through our farmlands - they are NOT two layers of cloth with padding, stitched together. They're PAINTINGS!

By the way, kudos to the people who design the paintings, and those who paint them on the barns and other places. I hope some use them as a local fundraising effort -- a barn quilt painting drive, for instance -- for FFA, the scouts, or other organizations which would benefit from the money raised due to their popularity.

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Room Interiors

Great Article!

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