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Laura Wright
As part of our zoning plan, we need to have a stormwater planter installed, but we are having trouble finding someone who knows how to do this work. Any suggestions? We are in the Middle Peninsula in Virginia. We've tried landscaping companies and they can do plantings, but not the stormwater planter construction.
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HI Laura

did you ever find someone who could this this for you? im having the same difficulty now...

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Karolina Tittel

Hi Fallon,

Where do you find out the information on 4% area of the roof draining to a single downspout? Is it some sort of rule of thumb? I have seen posts for 2%. So, I am not sure whether it is based on total rainfall per avg of rain in the region or to potential flooding amount... Also, there is no mention on the pitch factor for the roof... For instance, for my roof area based on its pitch 4/12, I would need to multiply my roof area by 1.05 roof factor...



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