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I like gardening and everything looks just beautiful here, like salvia. Hope to see in future BLUE gardens, blue is the most rare color among flowers, I always hunt for them.
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Susan Lawson
Can't think of a better plant than catmint--nepeta musinii. It behaves--translate that "doesn't take over the garden"--and forms a beautiful mound that can be divided at will to make more plants, or not. The blooms are long lasting, and you'll get a second bloom if you trim the whole plant back when the first bloom is exhausted. If you don't want to bother, no problem, because the foliage is such a beautiful shade of blue-gray-green. Nothing prettier than seeing nepeta planted en masse, waving in the breeze. I like astilbe, too, for shady places. The blooms dry on the plant and look interesting all season.
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Autumn Fanning- Sanden
I love that setcreasea purpurea! I had no idea what it was. I smuggled in from Jamaica and have it growing in a container right now. I started it from just one tiny leaf!
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