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Sasha G.

So many great ideas! Your framed covers made me think of all my favourite Tintin and Asterix comics. Can't wait to source those covers and frame them!

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I think the love letter or any special letter from someone no longer in your life is the BEST idea I have ever read, like the map and music too, I do jigsaw puzzles and frame them, I have 2 on my walls right now.

This one was done 10-12 years ago, it used to be a winter project, and this is the other one.

This is hanging in the wrong room as you can see the wall needs to be painted. And then I have my favourite piece of ART genuine original piece from my son who was 4 at the time and it ended up in Hazelhurst Art Gallery in Gymea Sydney for a month a so.


Natalie, ps thank you for all the excellent ideas.

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Not many of us use doilies these days but, in the past, I
have framed some of my late mother’s precious crocheted items… using coloured
card which co-ordinates with the room’s décor as the background.

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