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Found someone in my area who seems really knowledgeable. He said someone breached the underground water flow, probably building the house, and he is going to help me put in a curtain drain. It's basically a deeper drain with more than one perforated pipe in the trench. He was able to show me the original way the water was handled, then with the driveway being paved it diverted the water drainage.

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Norma Sassone

Totally agree with hi patty about the Pacific Northwest. Yes, it rains a ton November through April, with October, May and June getting a few inches, but storm water collection is actually really important here during the drought months of June through September when all the grass turns brown and flowers and veggies need a TON of irrigation to survive. When we buy our house next year near Portland, we will definitely add a cistern for rain collection.

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Studio H2O

Great information Houzz team, we're fans of green design!

Tree People has information on Rain Barrels handouts in Los Angeles.
Tree People | Rain Barrels

Also, we've started a permaculture board on pinterest if anyone is interested:
Studio H2o | Permaculture

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