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Matt Clawson

Greg5927, that's a nice idea for an article. All about Hardware Requirements. You are also right it's a big issue. Where would you go to determine a specific hardware requirement? One could reference the building code, check with local building department, or hire a pro such as a structural engineer.

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Yep. Municipalities adopt different model codes...... most structural engineers not so great re all aspects of residential building codes. So the order is: ask the building department/official for the link to their adopted codes, then secure and read them, or ask the building official first, and then a remodeling pro last. I say last because most don't take the time to read the nasty thing (the code), much less the current adopted version. Re hardware..... that 's typically minutia. Only ones I can think of off the top of my head relate to life/safety/egress constraints. Gates leading to swimming pool enclosures for example. Locksets on means of egress. Door widths. Your top 10 list should have hit the most expensive misses..... which typically relate to numbers of exits and egress requirements. Non-conforming stairs/ramps/risers. Third floor egress and 2nd exit requirements (not just egress windows) from finished basements where folks want to use them as bedrooms. Light, ventilation, egress requirements for second floor bedrooms.

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D.R. Long, Architect + Associates

Greg5927, good points there on some of the things we see missed on code reviews from professionals. It's surprising how those things get overlooked but I normally run into this when an owner is told something completely out of date or just wrong by a remodeling pro only to get into a debate over what's really required.

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