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Ang Si

I added a full wall of beautiful granite backsplash back in 1999. Hated the design back then of adding only a few inches up and then a separate tile as backsplash. No point to that.

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Maggie D-B

But for the wall slab at 2 cm, really examine the quality of the stone, for example, Lincoln honed calacatta 2 cm does not transport well. Different quatzites have different hardness. If you can get it to the fabricator and then to the home for install, then it is a good option. I found out the hard way on calacatta

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I've been desperately trying to find white macaubas that is thin/light enough to work as a backspash because I love the clean look of matching counters and backsplash. But it seems nearly impossible to find 2cm and I actually think I need thinner than 2cm to fit behind my kitchen faucet. Ideas?

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