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While very lovely, they are not a hard-wooded maple and have a thin, fragile bark, easily susceptible to damage. In my mid-western area, high winds also cause their frequently v-shaped branches to split the tree in half, much like happens with Bradford Pear. In windy areas, better to choose Sugar Maple cultivars.

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Vernah Fleming
If attracting wildlife is your top aim, the species is usually always more valuable than a cultivar which may not have the same traits, flowers, seeds etc.
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Ellen Sousa/Turkey Hill Brook Farm

Vernah is absolutely right - cultivars are selected for certain showy characteristics (not usually wildlife value!) and in some cases, nectar may be absent, or foliage may not be the same chemical makeup as the straight species, and may not be the best choice for wildlife. If you are planting for the benefit of local wildlife, ask for straight species of plants whenever possible.

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