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Love the way the delicate, mimosa-style, leaves contrast with the solid and dense flower clusters that perch like soldiers over those leaves. And it has a fragrant aroma! And I don't have to prune it! Will it colonize by clumping OR randomly by seeds? Thanks!

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Lovely article! But I want to point out that a lot of the plants you often identify, including this one, don't stop at our political borders - Amorpha nada is native to Manitoba, as the site below indicates, and elsewhere I've also seen it listed for Saskatchewan, as one might expect.

If we are to think thoughtfully about how the land affects what's native and best suited to our areas, we need to acknowledge that physical geography trumps political geography! I think your Canadian readers would appreciate the connections, as well.
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Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens

kennedytarheel -- You won't find it aggressive at all, unfortunately, esp in a thickly-planted bed.

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