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I have not heard about the product Nanocote. But, I'm just about to include an ensuite in another part of the house and I will check this product out. Is it expensive ?

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I didn't spell the name incorrectly, it's Nanokote

I think to memory I paid almost $200 for DIY and was not given the same warranty as I would have got if I'd paid to have it done professionally but it was pretty expensive, several hundred if I remember correctly and money I couldn't afford at the time but I would have gone with the professional if I could have just for the 10 year warranty offered but I was given all the help and instruction needed to DIY and my contact was very nice and helpful.

As I mentioned, I have been using the bathroom for 6 months now and have not attempted to use any cleaning product whatsoever, fearful I could or would remove the product in some way, so I have just rinsed with the hand shower and then sqeegee'd and this would take me about 30sec.

As for applying the product, it was as easy as clean with the product provided and then apply the Nanokote and my glass was new and unused. Not sure of the procedure if the glass is used and soap stained however, I'm sure this can still be reversed almost entirely but never quite the same I think as unused glass.

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Nanokote sounds like a product my friend had professionally applied to her bathrooms. She has lupus and the benefit of Nanokote is two fold, no chemical cleaners and it reduces chemical exposure to her compromised immune system. I'm definitely doing it in my pre-loved bathroom.

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