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Most of those room are lovely. The dark ceiling coming down to the picture rail is stunning, as is the shelving around the door. But hate the 'Max the Upper Third' design.

Canopy over the bed is a little girl's dream. Well it was mine.

The mirror that goes to the ceiling certainly makes the room look bigger and the strip light is unobtrusive. Just one problem - I think it starts too high for us who are height challenged.

I have always had some greenery in my bathroom and our new home will be no exception.

Not sure about all of the lights hanging down. Do they all go on at once - just a little overpowering. They are dust collectors - and all those bulbs to replace.

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Lisa Rose, M.F.A.
Ok so I have read most of the comments and gotta chime in. Look folks, for those of us who are *working artists, our homes very often are where we needs be must work as well. Many of us - yes, including those of us who work for big and little clients and patrons - are not paid enough to afford that. A non-artist might just find something else to do. If you're a pro, you don't have that choice; not doing so was never an option and would be impossible. So for many of us, our living spaces simply become another work of art: they are live/WORK spaces and they are artist's live/work spaces.

*Def: we make a living doing creative work in places never meant for such - which later on are sold for a premium price and raise the value and tenor of an entire area because of the "unacceptable and outlaw" changes we make to a place in order to work and survive. We occupy, clutter, and fill up places because we require lots of stuff most homes do not need, would never want, or use or use very little of, and we often need access to these things in an instant and cannot plan ahead necessarily as to when we need them.

We are not hobbyists - we are trained with advanced degrees and work 24/7 even when we don't want to or don't like our assignment. The perfect but weird stuff you see on a set in Mad Men or on the wall of your doctor's office - it may have been an item in our collection or the work was constructed from it or the tool used to make it was hanging to dry in one of our doorways.

Understand that for working artists, the profession is neither a vocation or hobby and unfortunately, largely because many still do not understand that and believe we can get along on less than minimum wage or that they can do what we do themselves - and just end up hiring us to fix the mess they made - many of us do not have the luxury of a separate studio whence comes what you may consider "cluttered".
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must've been drinking when you wrote that

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