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Stonepocket Unique Landscapes

Thank you for sharing Stonepocket's photo of purple coneflower and butterfly milkweed. Every year since this installation the Monarchs cover the Liatris in September.

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PI Photography and Fine Art

Thank you for this article, I am a nature photographer so these container planters would be a great addition to my backyard for "at home" photo shoots.

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@Diana Bier Interiors, LLC Hummingbirds are all over with about 300 types. However only around 10-12 types hang around North America. They like mild woodlands, mountain meadows, forests, tropical rain forests and also deserts. They winter in the tropics from southern Mexico to Ecuador areas.

You might find a rare hummingbird in cities because all those gasses and chemicals will kill them or impact them negatively. They prefer temperatures that don't constantly change from cool to warm back to cool again. You might find them in a zoo or a bird sanctuary in NY city. Try looking for them in Central Park where the ruby throated hummingbird have been seen in late summer - August - September.

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