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I hear ya Becky! ;) And I HAD thought of that. I still personally prefer one clean solid surface over an interruption with an induction cooktop in the island. Even just for cleaning.

The idea of anything hot in the middle of an island makes me as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs! If you knew my daughter as a toddler, you may understand my fear. She could get into trouble with just about anything! With all the safety features on a minivan to prevent doors from closing on fingers, she managed to close the door on her fingers at the back of the minivan door! I once caught here swinging in the cords of the blinds. A hot pot even on an induction cooktop is still hot--and out in the open where it could be knocked. I made sure a mudroom nook was recessed so my husband doesn't spill his coffee putting his coat on in the morning!

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Bruce Crawford

Our island has our 36" rangetop on it. No hazard problems. I'd hate to have an island w/ a sink full of dishes be the first thing one sees entering the kitchen. If the island has the sink, it would seem to me to almost dictate that is where the d/w would have to go, severely limiting one's degrees of freedom on what goes in the base of the island. It would also mean that when the d/w is unloaded, one has to carry the tableware & cookware to their rightful places. Our island is 100"L. I can see where a smaller island w/ a cooktop or rangetop could be more of a problem.

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I agree with you too, Bruce. My cleaning sink and cooktop are in the far wall. Only a prep sink is in the island. I wouldn't care for using the island as the cleaning nor cooking station. My cleaning sink is a large 33" single bowl so I can pile the dirty dishes and pots in to tidy up. I don't much care if guests can see a few dishes. It is a kitchen for goodness sakes. If I cared, I wouldn't have an open floor plan. But I'm also a pretty neat cook so I usually clean up along the way.
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